About the organisers

The Dutch Implementation Collective
(Nederlands Implementatie Collectief)

The Dutch Implementation Collective (NIC) is a network for research, practice and policy in youth care and public healthcare aimed at sharing knowledge about effective implementation. It was founded in 2014 by the Netherlands Youth Institute, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, TNO and Trimbos Institute to raise awareness about the importance of effective implementation. Even proven effective practices in youth care and public health care will not show the desired results when there is no attention to the implementation process of the practices in practice. In the new youth care system, this means not only that existing knowledge about effective implementation must be used, but also that new knowledge must be acquired that ties in with this.

The NIC shares (inter) national knowledge about various aspects of effective implementation. How do you do carry out good analysis beforehand? How do you determine the approach? How do you manage the change? And how do you measure use? The NIC organises two national meetings per year where knowledge is exchanged in an interactive way. Here you will meet other researchers, policy makers, quality employees who are involved in implementation issues in their daily work.

Find out more about the NIC on their website.

Trimbos Institute – Center of Implementation

The mission of the Trimbos is: “improving mental healthcare by sharing knowledge.” So how does Trimbos Institute accomplish this? By combining scientific research with implementation of scientifically valid interventions and quality standards. Trimbos professionals also perform implementation research and participate in (inter)national implementation networks. The Trimbos Center of Implementation plays a key role in this

Are you interested in what we could do for you in the area of implementation and implementation research? Contact the Center of Implementation.

Amsterdam UMC - Amsterdam Public Health

From the EMGO+ Institute to the Amsterdam Public Health research institute The EMGO⁺ Institute is in transition towards the Amsterdam Public Health research institute (APH) by merging its EMGO⁺ research with the public health research of the AMC. This transition is part of the future alliance between VUmc and AMC. The Amsterdam Public Health research institute focusses on ‘public health’ issues with immediate relevance for the societal challenges facing large metropolitan area’s in a globalizing world. Their mission is to conduct high quality research to improve citizen health, reduce health inequalities, transform healthcare, and empower citizens.



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