Week of Implementation 2019

Week of Implementation 4-8 February 2019

 During the Week of Implementation you can get the opportunity to share your change approach by organising an activity in which colleagues – within or outside of your sector - are inspired. You can also participate inspiring activities that will take place during the whole week (nb: these activities will be confirmed on the Week of Implementation website at a later date).

 At schools, in childcare, at general practitioners' offices, in nursing homes, in playgroups, in welfare organisations, in hospitals, in youth care institutions, in municipalities, in colleges, universities…….all these places undergo continuous changes, big and small. Some of these changes are easy and some of them difficult and the impact differs from place to place. During the Week of Implementation we will highlight how successfully approach these changes and we will offer you the opportunity deepen your understanding and broaden your horizon on effective implementation.

Activities during the Week of Implementation

There are many possible activities on various topics, as long as it concerns the implementation of changes in the youth sector and health care. If you are an implementation expert or scientist and you would like to organise an activity yourself, please get in touch with us. We would love to join forces with anyone who would like to contribute to the Week of Implementation!

A few months before the week we will update the activities page on the website and it will be open for you to register your participation or for you to register your own activity.

Also please do feel free to contact us at implementatie@nji.nl or have a look at www.weekvandeimplementatie.nl.

We look forward to getting in touch with you!

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